Iowa Democrat Touts Lack Of Experience, Compares Self To Bruce Braley

In a speech trying to pitch himself to Iowa voters, former “comedian” Gary Kroeger thought it would be effective to tout his lack of experience while simultaneously comparing himself to a failed and unpopular Iowa politician – Bruce Braley:

Kroeger: “So now, it comes down to experience. I do not have one bit of legislative experience. Not one, none. I have never been elected to a government office, never. Neither was Bruce Braley when he won the first time. Neither was Al Franken up to the north and I think most people in this room would say he’s been a pretty darn good Senator.”

According to a recent poll, Kroeger is only pulling in 12 percent of support among voters in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, with his rivals far ahead of him. So maybe it’s not such a bad comparison after all.