Hillary’s Latest Campaign Reset Didn’t Even Last 24 Hours

It’s still 2015 and we’re beginning to lose count of how many times Hillary Clinton’s campaign has hit the “reset” button. One thing is for certain, each has been as effective as the former Secretary of State’s failed reset with Russia.

Take their latest reset strategy that involved comparing Republicans – and all Americans who don’t agree with Clinton – to “terrorist groups.” From The Hill:

Hillary Clinton is resetting her campaign strategy with aggressive attacks against Republicans to move the conversation away from questions about the email controversy that has dogged her for months.

By comparing Republicans to terrorists and calling the GOP “the party of Trump,” Clinton grabbed headlines and sought to assuage doubts about her campaign, even while it has lost ground in recent polls…

…The former secretary of State put that shift on full display Thursday when she blasted the GOP presidential field’s stance on women’s issues, comparing them to “terrorist groups.”

The blowback to Clinton’s outrageous comments was swift and devastating. So much so that she was forced to abandon her “reset” strategy the very next day, addressing the DNC in Minneapolis:

The former secretary of State did not mention any of her Democratic rivals in the speech, nor did she use the same, much criticized comments she made on Thursday when she equated the GOP stance on women to that of terrorist groups. She also did not address the email controversy plaguing her campaign.