Florida Democratic Senate Primary Turns Ugly

“Ugly” is really the only way to describe the Florida Democratic primary right now, and it’s also just about the only insult Rep. Alan Grayson hasn’t hurled at his opponent, Rep. Patrick Murphy. Grayson again took the gloves off in a new interview with National Journal:

“He is a nothing as a congressman, he is a nothing as a human being, he is wrong on all the issues, so all he has left is to desperately try to throw dirt at me,” said Grayson.

Grayson has lambasted Murphy’s record in Congress, which recently scored him a ranking as one of the least effective members. Doubling down on the attack, Grayson’s campaign mocked Murphy as a “zero” in a web video released this morning:

The mudslinging is sure to continue as new polling shows the Democratic primary is wide open – and is sure to cause headaches for national Democrats eager to avoid a bruising primary resulting in a damaged general election candidate.