Cortez Masto Hedges Her Bets On Iran Deal

Playing the ultimate political calculation, Nevada Democratic Senate candidate and Sen. Harry Reid’s handpicked successor Catherine Cortez Masto welcomed President Obama to a fundraiser for her campaign on Monday, where he delivered to the tune of $300,000, while simultaneously dodging on the President’s controversial Iran deal.

This despite the fact that Reid came out in support of the deal just hours earlier. Reid had reportedly been holding off on taking a position to give Cortez Masto “breathing room”:

Waiting a few more weeks also gives some breathing room to Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democrat running for Reid’s seat, who has yet to take a position on the deal.

But when it came time for Air Force One to head west, Reid fell into line:

When Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced Sunday that he would support the international nuclear agreement with Iran and work to ensure it survives a GOP-led disapproval effort, the Nevada Democrat avoided what could have been an awkward Monday.

Yet – despite all signs pointing to her ultimately supporting the deal – Cortez Masto still won’t play it straight about where she stands on a critical issue facing Nevada and the nation. Given sinking poll numbers for the deal across the country, her evasiveness appears more and more politically expedient.