A Bad Day For Jack Conway

Jack Conway probably woke up with a case of the Mondays today. The EPA released new rules regulating emissions, which will negatively affect Kentucky’s coal industry. The National Journal listed President Obama, Cap and Trade, and Lawyers as the “winners” of the new rules. Losers of the new rules include the coal industry, which according to the Federal Government’s Energy Information Administration, will see a 32 percent decrease in production by 2030 under the new rule.

Conway is bad for Kentucky coal. He helped the war on coal’s commander, President Obama, get elected by serving as a delegate for the President in both 2008 and 2012. In 2009, Conway supported cap and trade, and then flip flopped on the issue despite receiving support from anti-coal megaphones Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and The Sierra Club.

But Conway’s bad day doesn’t stop there. After giving a “boring” speech at Fancy Farm Picnic this weekend, Bowling Green Daily News published a brutal op-ed about the Kentucky Governor’s race and Jack Conway’s lackluster campaign, check out the best lines below:

  • “Conway clearly knows more about the big issues confronting Kentucky, but is insufferably smug and soporific. “
  • “Conway’s platform says nothing, and he stands by it 100%.”
  • “Conway will fill positions with the usual suspects, and they will be wily in the tawdry ways of Frankfort.”
  • “If Conway wins, plaintiffs’ lawyers, teacher unions and Louisville’s affluent liberal elites will stay up late celebrating on Election Night.”