Weak Fundraising And Staff Turnover For Nebraska Dem

 Elena Scheinder reports on Politico Pro “Since taking office in January, Ashford has already lost one chief of staff, two communications directors and two lower-level staffers — some in part due to a perceived lack of commitment from the congressman when it comes to building the infrastructure to run a competent campaign for reelection.” During the first quarter Ashford raised $200,000 and during the second quarter he brought in a “paltry” $155,000.

Ashford’s new chief of staff, Jeremy Nordquist, even acknowledged that Ashford’s operation has a “lack of structure and a lack of a plan.”

Ashford, who has earned a reputation for being an “absented-minded professor”,  conceded that he lost his chief of staff, Tiffany Muller, because he was not focused enough on fundraising. Will Ashford’s new staff be able to save his dismal campaign or will they too go running for the hills?

Ashford’s reelection chances are looking bleaker by the day.