Warren On A Sanders Endorsement: “Too Early To Say”

In case you missed it, Elizabeth Warren is profiled on the cover of this week’s Time Magazine, and the lengthy story illuminates a number of the deficiencies of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, especially with her Democratic base. Most notably, Warren says it’s “too early to say” whether she will join surging Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as a surrogate on the campaign trail, and goes on to praise him for “talking about the issues people want to hear about”:

Warren, who clearly intends to apply as much pressure as she can on Clinton, says with some coyness that it is “too early to say” whether she will join Sanders on the campaign trail. “Bernie’s out talking about the issues that the American people want to hear about,” she said on a swing through Worcester, Mass., on June 29.

The story goes on to describe how Sanders has picked up Warren’s mantle of populism and “volunteered to take it to the presidential stage,” which stands in stark contrast to Clinton, “whose family finances and political fortunes have long been entangled with the biggest Wall Street firms.”

It also recounts a memorable incident from Warren’s 2014 book where she describes her ultimately losing efforts in 2005 to convince then-New York Senator Clinton to take her side on a bankruptcy bill pending before Congress. Ultimately, Clinton took the opposite position of Warren.

With Clinton’s Wall Street connections and their past disagreements over legislation, it’s no wonder Warren isn’t in any hurry to get her Team Hillary bumper sticker. Like Bill de Blasio and Al Gore, Warren has been let down by Clinton on the progressive causes near and dear to her heart. It’s also the reason these leading liberal voices are waiting to see if they too will be Feeling The Bern when all is said and done.