THE HILL: Clinton aide: Campaign will offset carbon emissions

“Clinton set out renewable energy goals during a climate change speech in Iowa, but she’s been panned by Republicans for flying a private jet back from the speech. The Republican-leaning opposition group America Rising has circulated a video of her boarding the jet, which was first reported on by the Daily Mail. That plane burns 347 gallons of fuel per hour, according to the Daily Mail.

“Despite her campaign’s best efforts to rebrand her as a down-to-earth fighter for ‘everyday Americans,’ Hillary Clinton’s jet-setting ways are just further confirmation that she’s out of touch with the American people,” Jeff Bechdel, the communications director for America Rising, said in a statement with the release of the video.

“It’s that kind of hypocrisy that makes the majority of voters say Clinton is not honest or trustworthy.”

The group also rounded up media coverage panning Clinton for not providing enough specifics and for dodging the Keystone XL pipeline.”

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