THE GUARDIAN: Everybody loves Bernie Sanders – especially top Republican operatives

“Colin Reed, the executive director of America Rising, a Republican Super Pac which specializes in opposition research, has also gone out of his way on Twitter to express his wonderment at the crowds that Sanders is attracting and the ‘Bernie-mania’ he is inspiring. Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s top strategist in 2012, even wrote a column proclaiming that Sanders is the real deal.

Jeff Bechdel, the communications director for America Rising, echoed Mair. He noted that ‘with Bernie, voters are seeing someone who is everything Hillary is not; inauthentic, not seen as trustworthy, overly cautious. With Bernie it’s not that way so you get these big crowds, get him moving up in the polls.’ Bechdel also noted both Sanders and fellow Democratic candidate Martin O’Malley weren’t guilty of ‘blatant hypocrisy” like Clinton.

He accused her of having a double standard on issues like Wall Street and “getting unaccountable money of politics’, where Clinton was not practicing what she preached.”

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