The Fairytale Ends: Hillary Clinton’s FEC Filings Are Released

Hillary Clinton and her team went to great lengths to tell reporters, donors, and voters that things would be different this time. Clinton’s big spending ways from 2007 and 2008 were long gone, replaced with an almost comically cheap campaign manager and spending strategy.

And then her first FEC filing was reported. Clinton spent an astonishing $18.7 million in less than three months.

Who donated? How was it spent? Those questions and more are answered below:

Clinton claimed her campaign was saving costs by sending her campaign chairman on a bus instead of riding the train between DC and New York. Well it turns out that was for show. Clinton spent about $8,700 on Amtrak and only $346 on Bolt Bus and $315 on Best Bus. Zero for all other major bus companies.

For a list of all the registered lobbyists bundling for Hillary Clinton, see here.

Hillary Clinton attacked HSBC for “criminal behavior.” By her own definition, criminals from HSBC donated $3,450 and HSBC Bank $583.

Well-known Florida jerk John Morgan and his law firm donated an astonishing $247,716 to Clinton.

Clinton has spent $900,000 on polling (a solid $300k per month average) and owes another $550,000 in additional polling debt.

Clinton spent more than $275,000 on David Brock’s “Correct The Record,” an organization designed to complain about unfavorable press coverage.

Remember the Scooby Van? Neither does Clinton. She spent $179,268 on private jets through Executive Fliteways.

Clinton donated $280,000 to her own campaign… or about one speech’s worth of cash.