#TBT: Nevada Democrat Refused To Take Position On ObamaCare

Nevada Democrat and failed 2012 3rd District candidate John Oceguera announced today he is running again for Congress, but this time he is running in Nevada’s 4th District. Oceguera lost his last race by over 7 points, so he must be hoping for better luck in the 4th District.

In a quite painful interview from 2012, Oceguera refused to say whether he supported ObamaCare.

Jon Ralston: “Is that a yes, you would have voted for the Affordable Care Act?”

John Oceguera: “No, that’s a…”

Jon Ralston: “You’re not going to commit to the Affordable Care Act?”

John Oceguera: “You know, John, you know this is in front of the Supreme Court now. I don’t have a crystal ball.”