Russ Feingold Trying To Rewrite The History Of His Scandal-Plagued PAC

Russ Feingold’s growing scandal regarding his PAC, Progressives United, continues to make news for all the wrong reasons. In an interview with the far-left Shepherd Express, Feingold was asked about his PAC’s woes and pointedly said that the main purpose of Progressives United was not to, “give direct contributions,” to candidates.

That’s not the tune he was singing in 2011. The day he announced the formation of Progressives United, Feingold did an interview on MSNBC and said that the PAC would be used to, “support candidates directly that are committed to these progressive principles.”

Feingold’s PAC has come under fire in Wisconsin for using its donations to pay staff and Feingold himself, while not giving the money to candidates for office. Now Feingold is trying to say that was never the intention of Progressives United, but unfortunately for him, the tape doesn’t lie.