Roger “Headache” Clinton: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Former “First Brother”

The New York Times ran a profile of Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger Clinton, this morning. See below for the 6 things you didn’t know about Roger:

His Secret Service Code Name Was “Headache”

Roger Clinton remains largely dependent on his more famous family members — a relationship that poses the risk of new, if familiar, headaches. (Headache, in fact, was the code name given Roger by the Secret Service during President Clinton’s two terms.)

Roger Was Paid $100,000 To Help A Houston Company Get A Building Contract In Haiti Through The Clinton Foundation

Roger Clinton parlayed his family ties into a consulting arrangement with a group of builders hoping to sell houses in Haiti, where Bill Clinton’s private foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s State Department helped direct recovery efforts after the 2010 earthquake. Roger Clinton’s intended role, previously unreported, was to use his connections to help win approvals, said Wayne Coleman, a Houston businessman involved in the project, which ultimately went nowhere.

“I paid Roger $100,000,” Mr. Coleman said. “Basically, he promised to get us a contract through the Clinton Foundation for a project over there. What he was really trying to do was sell the influence of his brother.”

Investigations Revealed He Tried To “Cash In” On His White House Connections

Congressional investigators in 2001 found that he had tried to “cash in” on his White House connections through pardon requests, consulting contracts and money from unexplained foreign sources. House Republicans, whose final report on the pardon inquiry accused him of “serious and reckless misconduct,” expressed frustration that reaction seemed muted by generally low expectations for his behavior.

Roger Got A No-Show Job In The Mid-2000s Thanks To His Brother

When Bill Clinton was an adviser and partner in some of Ronald W. Burkle’s Yucaipa investment funds in the mid-2000s, Roger Clinton occasionally appeared at Yucaipa offices to pick up a check, a former Yucaipa employee said.

Bill Clinton Owns Roger Clinton’s House

Bill Clinton’s role in providing his brother with a house is not readily apparent from the public record, which shows that the property was bought in June 2009 for $857,000 by Calle Mayor L.L.C. But the limited liability company shares a postal box with Bill and Hillary Clinton where they live in Chappaqua, N.Y. And the company’s contact person is Justin Cooper, who was a longtime aide to the former president. (Separately, Mr. Cooper’s name surfaced recently with the disclosure of Mrs. Clinton’s home email server; records showed he was listed as the contact for the domain registration.)

Roger Appeared On The Late Show With David Letterman In The Early ‘90s

Roger Clinton Wanted To Make Money And Be A Philanthropist—Just Like “Big Brother”

He said his decision to get involved with a project that his brother could have some sway over was “completely above board.”

“I don’t usually do it, but this time I really felt like I could do some good,” he said. “Would I have made money out of it? Sure, at least I hoped so. I could have kept half and given half to charity. I could be a philanthropist, too.”