“Perfect” Nevada Democrat Snubbed By Reid

What a difference a year makes. Lucy Flores, a Democratic candidate for Nevada’s 4th Congressional district, is struggling to find her political footing after a crushing loss in last year’s Lieutenant Governor’s race. Apparently Senator Harry Reid, who previously called Flores the “perfect” candidate, wasn’t impressed with Flores’ poor performance either.

“In a phone call that is one of his specialties, sources confirm, he called Flores, whom he once called a demographically ‘perfect’ candidate, and told her
something quite different: I’m not supporting you.

Yes, this is the same Harry Reid who said when Flores entered the race against Hutchison for lieutenant governor that she is ‘young, dynamic, Hispanic.
She’s great.’

Not so great anymore, it seems.”

With three other Democrats vying for the same seat, it looks like Flores’ stock is falling fast.