Obama’s Anti-Coal Catalyst

Jack Conway supported President Obama in 2008 and 2012, serving as a delegate in both elections.

Now, Conway’s hard work as a two-time Obama delegate is hurting Kentucky again. According to Politico, President Obama has attacked Appalachia coal with another restrictive regulation limiting mountain top removal operations as his war on coal rages on.


Although Conway talks a big game on the campaign trail that he stands up for Kentucky coal, history proves otherwise. In his 2010 Senate bid, Conway received over $15,000 in support from anti-coal activist group Sierra Club who contributed $4,000 to Conway and spent $11,189 on attacking his opponent.

Conway has also received contributions in past campaigns from Nancy Pelosi who helped push cap and trade legislation as well as Harry Reid who said, “coal makes us sick.”

Jack Conway can’t escape the fact that he’s just another Obama liberal.