New American Crossroads Poll: Hillary Continues to Struggle in Battleground States

WASHINGTON – Today American Crossroads released the results of its monthly Vox Populi tracking poll showing that Hillary Clinton continues to struggle in key battleground states where she trails a generic Republican by eight points (50%-42%). The poll also shows that 56% of those surveyed do not trust Clinton and 58% believe that Clinton would say or do anything to get elected.

Also of interest in this poll:

-58% of those polled believe that she is hiding something about Libya in her missing emails;

-63% disapprove of Hillary charging the Boys & Girls Club $200,000 for a speech; and

-34% of those surveyed prefer Joe Biden as president to 30% for Hillary – among only Democrats and Independents Hillary has only a 41% – 31% lead over Biden.

The poll can be viewed here.

“Despite three months of campaigning and trying to rehabilitate her image, Hillary Clinton continues to struggle in key battleground states,” said Ian Prior, Communications Director for American Crossroads. “As rumors of Joe Biden’s entry into the race grow, Democrats should pay very close attention to Hillary’s glaring and irreparable weaknesses.”


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