KY Dems, Gov. Beshear Accept Thousands From WV Billionaire With KY Business Interests

West Virginia Billionaire/Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Justice and his family combined to give the Democrat Party $40,000. No big deal right?

Except, it wasn’t the West Virginia Democrat Party that got the funds, but the Kentucky Democrat Party.

Justice, who has an outstanding bill for $2 million after a 2013 coal deal got caught up in federal court, also has had some run-ins with KY Governor Steve Beshear’s administration:

“Justice is currently under the watch of Beshear’s Department for Natural Resources which is enforcing compliance of an agreed order of August of 2014 to clean up a record number of strip mining reclamation violations at his mines in Eastern Kentucky.”

That’s not keeping Beshear (not to be confused with his son, Andy), from taking “hundreds of thousands of dollars” from Justice and playing golf with Justice and Tiger Woods.

With the Kentucky Democrats spending tens of thousands of dollars to support Jack Conway and Andy Beshear – the question is: whose interests are they going to look out for – out-of-state billionaires or hardworking Kentuckians?