Jason Kander: This DC Fundraiser “Feels Like A Wedding For Me”

When he’s in Missouri, Jason Kander claims he is tired of DC (he’s a Democrat running for Senate in Missouri). The only problem is that when he hosts fundraisers in Washington, DC, he has so many DC insider buddies attend that the events “feel like a wedding” for him.

Last night, Kander hosted a fundraiser in DC, and while thanking all of his DC insider friends for attending, he said:

“I’ve been very excited about this. It feels a little like a wedding. Like, Claire was saying it feels like a wedding for me because I have friends from like, a lot of different, I have friends from college, friends from the army, friends from law school…”

So many friends!!!


By no means is this the first time that Kander, who has made a career out of attacking DC lobbyists, visited DC for a cash-grab. Just days after announcing his campaign in March, Kander flew to DC to raise money with, you guessed it, those same lobbyists he attacked in front of Missouri audiences.

Kander is making an early run for most hypocritical Senate campaign this cycle.