Jack Conway: Kentucky’s Martha Coakley?

Yesterday, a second political handicapper moved the Kentucky gubernatorial race towards Republicans, and started questioning Conway’s strength as a candidate. All of the coverage has started sounding a bit familiar:

  • A sitting Democrat Attorney General running to succeed a Democrat Governor?
  • A candidate the conventional wisdom says is strong, but is starting to trail in polls?
  • A candidate who had already lost a high-profile, nationally-watched race for U.S. Senate just a few years ago?
  • A candidate who wanted Obama to campaign with them for that Senate seat?
  • A candidate who, last time, had a major flub while on the campaign trail?
  • A candidate who is more than a little shaky on taxes?
  • A liberal who has been backed by national Democrats?

Call us crazy but it sounds like Jack Conway might just be Kentucky’s Martha Coakley.