Hillary Clinton’s Poor Poll Numbers, Private Email Sever, And Questionable Clinton Foundation Dealings DOMINATE The Morning News Once Again

Today’s morning shows were dominated yet again by Hillary Clinton’s poor poll numbers, private email sever, and questionable Clinton Foundation dealings.

As MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski pointed out, these are Hillary Clinton’s worst favorability ratings, ever, in a Quinnipiac poll.

Yesterday McClatchy reported that Hillary Clinton’s private email server had classified emails from five different intelligence agency on it.

Joe Scarborough said about the McClatchy story, “I say it makes us tired. I mean it makes us tired that we have to go back to the United Nations press conference and you hate to say this she just didn’t tell the truth time and time and time and time again. And when we were watching it, we were cringing.”

CBS This Morning highlighted the ongoing troubles the State Department is having releasing Hillary Clinton’s emails:

Nancy Cordes reported, “We learned this week that the State Department isn’t just struggling to make Clinton’s e-mails public it’s also struggling to get ahold of some e-mails that her top aides sent during her tenure as Secretary of State.” And according to a federal judge, the State Department hasn’t been anywhere near aggressive enough in releasing the former-Secretary’s emails.

In response to The Wall Street Journal’s report that, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton took the “unusual” step of intervening on behalf of Swiss bank UBS to help it avoid scrutiny from the IRS, the National Journal’s Ron Fournier said, “We have a population that is fed up with politics, and why? We have Hillary Clinton hiding God knows what on the emails that she covertly hid and deleted.”