Hillary Clinton Just Did A CNN Interview. She Didn’t Say Much.

Hillary Clinton sat down with CNN’s Brianna Keiler in an attempt to tamp down growing chatter about an issue nagging her campaign—her poor relationship with the press.

Any hopes of the interview being an asset to Clinton quickly faded after Clinton refused to directly answer the first question, and many thereafter. Check out a few of the “highlights” below:

CNN Tries To Ask Policy Questions, Gets Dodge After Dodge

Clinton To America On E-Mails: I Didn’t Have To Turn Over Anything (So Be Thankful I Did!)

Hillary Clinton Blames “Attacks From The Right” For Her Terrible Numbers On Trust & Honesty

And the commentary after the interview was no better:

Brianna Keilar: I Was Surprised That Hillary Clinton Took No Responsibility For Low Trust Numbers

Halperin On CNN Interview: Clinton Was Evasive On Emails, Don’t Get Her Answer