Hillary Clinton Is Suddenly An Advocate For Lifting Cuban Embargo

Today in Miami, Hillary Clinton is calling for the Cuban embargo to be lifted. But it wasn’t that long ago that Clinton stood with President Bush and strongly advocated FOR the embargo:

In 2000, Clinton said she would “oppose lifting the embargo against Cuba until democracy took root there.”

In 2007, Clinton reiterated her support for the embargo and travel restrictions:

Senator Hillary Clinton then said that she differed from Obama and would continue the Bush administration’s hard-line, Cold War-era fashioned policy towards the Castro regime and the Cuban people. In a remarkable statement, Hillary Clinton essentially stated that she would continue to support the ridiculously tight travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans who now can only travel to Cuba once every three years.

In 2008, Clinton said that “now is “not the time to consider wholesale or broad changes to our Cuba policy.”

Then, gearing up for yet another presidential campaign, Clinton wrote in book Hard Choices that she pushed for an end to the Cuban embargo as Secretary of State. In late 2014, when President Obama announced he would normalize relations with Cuba, Clinton issued a statement suddenly supporting that move.

Clinton’s sudden flip flop on Cuba is yet another indication that she is willing to say or do anything to win an election, including give up on democracy in a country that Human Rights Watch says will “harass, assault, and imprison human rights defenders.”