Hillary Clinton Has Taken All Of The Positions On “Fight For $15”

This morning, the New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton is endorsing the “Fight For $15” movement in New York state for fast food workers.

This marks the third position Clinton has taken on the $15 minimum wage in recent weeks. To recap:

In June, Clinton stopped short of endorsing the $15 minimum wage that the “Fight For $15” movement is pushing.

Last week, when asked about the topic, Clinton waffled, saying “because there are different economic environments” across the country, there is debate over whether the $15 minimum wage would work.

And now this morning, the Times is reporting Clinton will come out in support of New York state—including smaller cities like Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester—raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour for fast food workers only.

Not only is Clinton utterly unable to posit a clear-cut position on the $15 minimum wage, she’s late to her own Party. Bernie Sanders has announced his support for a national $15 minimum wage, as has Martin O’Malley.

Stay tuned, Clinton watchers. Who knows what position Clinton will take next week…