Dems Will Try Any Message (Except Forks) To Win Votes

After two elections that have resulted in historic losses, Congressional Democrats are searching for a new message … again. Messaging discipline, the myriad messages broadcasted, and a disconnect between its progressive and establishment liberal wings have hurt the Democrat Party’s opportunity to unify behind simple policy prescriptions to sell to voters.

The Democrats solution is to release a new messaging pitch designed to reverse the devastating electoral losses in recent years, and they will use the August recess to “road-test” a message, but hilariously this won’t be the message unveiled in 2016. What is known is that progressive policies will be abandoned because polls have found that moderate voters don’t favor candidates who focus on those issues.

Rep. Steve Israel may have put it best when he explained how Democrats couldn’t sell voters a fork because they would create a “42-point plan” on forks that discusses whether “everyone gets a fork,” “what the fork is made of” and if “there are spoons, too.”