Clinton Campaign Treats Reporters Like Animals At July 4 Parade

Reporters were corralled like animals by Hillary Clinton’s campaign yesterday at an Independence Day parade in New Hampshire.

Unable to cope with reporters during a public event in Gorham, NH that her own campaign publicized, Clinton needed the help of staffers to hold a white rope to separate the former Secretary of State from the press.

Despite their best efforts to circumvent the herding, reporters were not able to get around the campaign wranglers, one even going so far as to laugh at a CNN reporter’s attempts:

Yesterday’s attempts to isolate Clinton is just the latest in a series of press gaffes Clinton’s team has made in New Hampshire in recent weeks. Last month, Clinton staffers refused to allow a pool reporter to travel with the candidate because the reporter was from a foreign outlet and her “campaign wants to give preference to US publications.”

A few weeks earlier, the Nashua Telegraph blasted the Clinton campaign for holding a worthless campaign conference call “on background.” The paper blasted Clinton’s tone-deaf campaign:

“Anonymity, as a matter of course and for its own sake, is part of the culture in Washington, not New Hampshire.”

That’s three strikes in New Hampshire for Team Clinton. Don’t be surprised if this kind of thing doesn’t sit well with New Hampshire voters.