Clinton Backtracks On Nuclear Breakout Restrictions

Last August, Clinton called for restricting Iran’s breakout time, which is the time Iran needs to produce enough uranium for a nuclear bomb, to “more than a year.”

QUESTION: Would you be content with an Iran that is perpetually a year away from being able to reach nuclear-breakout capability?

CLINTON: I would like it to be more than a year. I think it should be more than a year. No enrichment at all would make everyone breathe easier.

Instead, the new agreement would restrict Iran’s breakout time to only one year for the next ten years, when Iran will be allowed to develop advanced centrifuges. The New York Times noted that after ten years “the breakout time diminishes to just a few months” as Iran’s nuclear program returns to where it is today.

Clinton’s support clearly fails to adhere to the standards she set for the deal many people agree she now owns.