Bernie Sanders: I Support $15 Minimum Wage, Clinton “Will Do What She Wants”

At a rally where he announced his support for the $15 minimum wage, Bernie Sanders was asked about Hillary Clinton’s recent backtrack on the minimum wage.

For a bit of background, last week in New Hampshire, Clinton declined to support a national $15 minimum wage, saying in part, “what you can do in L.A. or in New York may not work in other places.”

But about a month ago in Detroit, Clinton had something different to say to ‘Fight For $15’ supporters:

“We need more cities and states to follow the lead of Los Angeles, St. Louis and New York,” Clinton said, referring to rulings by city legislatures to raise their local minimum wages to $15, and Governor Cuomo’s convening of a wage board to raise the hourly minimum for fast food workers in New York state.”

Sanders unwavering advocacy for the $15 minimum wage stands in stark contrasts to Clinton’s disingenuous “all things to all people” approach.