Bernie Sanders: Beware Clinton Officials

Tonight on Bloomberg’s “With All Due Respect,” 2016 socialist-democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who currently holds the momentum in the Democrat primary, was asked whom he would choose as Secretary of the Treasury. When Halperin mentioned Bob Rubin, one of Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretaries, Sanders responded, “Bob Rubin would be exactly the last person” he would choose as to run the Treasury.

BLOOMBERG’S MARK HALPERIN: “Alright, just to go back to defense, I understand – I knew you wouldn’t like Rumsfeld, but is there anybody who has ever served Secretary of Defense, that that’s the kind of person, values, judgment, policy positions, I thought, that was a good Secretary of Defense.” BERNIE SANDERS: “Well, there are folks who work around the world who I think have done a pretty good job.” HALPERIN: “And how about Treasury?” Bob Rubin is pretty popular –” SANDERS: “Bob Rubin would be exactly the last person.” HALPERIN: “The last person.” SANDERS: “I mean, Bob Rubin was one of the architects of the deregulation of Wall Street. That is what Wall Street is about.”