America Rising PAC Submits Katie McGinty Right-To-Know Requests

America Rising PAC submitted a Right-To-Know Law (RTKL) request yesterday to determine what correspondence Katie McGinty, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s chief of staff and possible Senate candidate, has had with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, given recent reports that she attended their weekend retreat in Martha’s Vineyard.

Additionally, the PAC submitted three other RTKL requests. One requests McGinty’s correspondence with and about Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski and political consultant Mike Fleck, both of whom are currently involved in FBI investigations.

Another requests McGinty’s records regarding tax hikes associated with shale drilling and the natural gas industry, given McGinty’s environmentalist history.

The last RTKL request asks for records of McGinty’s public schedule as chief of staff to the governor.

“It’s clear national Democrats are desperate to recruit anyone to challenge their only candidate in the field, Congressman Joe Sestak. Pennsylvania voters have a right know whether McGinty, who earns $168,000 per year in taxpayer money, used government time or resources to conduct political activity.” – Jeff Bechdel, America Rising PAC communications director

See below for the RTK request documents:

America Rising RTK Requests: Katie McGinty by America Rising PAC