Watch What Happens When This Pro-Hillary Clinton Governor Tries To Defend Her Record

On Face The State this morning, Democrat Governor Dannel Malloy faced tough questions regarding his eagerly-touted endorsement of former-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.

As host Dennis House questioned Malloy on the numerous scandals plaguing Clinton’s campaign, the interview quickly went off the rails, as Malloy was unable to adequately defend the former Secretary’s record.

When Malloy was asked about Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State, he responded, “there are different standards that get applied and Hillary Clinton has lived a life where different standards have been applied to her routinely.”

Malloy was also unable to answer House’s questions about reporters investigating the Clintons’ shady dealings:

HOUSE: What about all those reports in the Washington Post and New York Times? These are not republican publications that are doing these investigations into the Clintons.

MALLOY: What about them?

HOUSE: In terms of her trustworthiness its not necessarily coming from Republicans its coming from them.

MALLOY: No no they are reporting what other folks are saying.

But really, what does Team Clinton expect from a Governor who has been called America’s worst Governor. Not to mention, a governor whose recent tax on businesses caused General Electric to inform its employees that the company is looking to move out of state. Hopefully the Clinton camp has better surrogates out there, but that too seems doubtful.