Warren County Dems Determined To Make Same Mistakes With Strickland

At the Warren County Democrats dinner on Sunday, it was made clear that Democrats in attendance like the thought of Retread-Ted more than 30 year-old P.G. Sittenfeld. The Columbus Dispatch even went with the headline “Warren County Democrats cheer Strickland more than Sittenfeld.”

Democrats in attendance, such as labor union president Tinita Cole, said that Sittenfeld should drop out:

“Making the task even more difficult, top Democrats have called for Sittenfeld to give up his candidacy and unite behind Strickland. Cole agreed. ‘When we fight within ourselves it weakens us,’ she said.”

Lebanon Resident Mary Lou Harmon even said that it was too soon for Sittenfeld to run for the Senate, apparently thinking that a failed governor is a better choice:

“Harmon said it didn’t bother her, but she thinks it is too soon for Sittenfeld to become a senator.”

Yes, apparently these Democrats believe Strickland’s record of doing “virtually nothing” to save jobs while he was governor is a better path forward. Don’t forget, the Ohio unemployment rate went from 5.5 percent to 9.2 percent when Strickland was governor, and at the end of retread-Ted’s one failed term, Ohio ranked 48th in job creation. The state lost more than 370,000 jobs during his tenure.

Of course, this is the same group of Ohio Democrats who enthusiastically endorsed human disaster Ed FitzGerald a year before their party’s primary, only to see his campaign collapse on itself like a dying star. So you know their judgment is sound.