Top NBC Anchor Questions Sanity Of Democrat Party

Today, President Obama headed to Capitol Hill to implore his own party to vote on what he hopes to be a huge part of his legacy. With the intra-party fighting and rancor from rank-and-file Democrats, NBC’s Chuck Todd asks the important question: “Has the Democratic Party lost its mind?”

Chuck Todd breaks down the acrimony within the Democratic Party over President Obama’s trade agenda:

“…we get disagreements over policy. But the vehemence coming from Democrats and Democratic groups over these trade votes is something we haven’t seen in the 6 ½ years of Obama’s presidency.”

“Consider yesterday, when anti-trade Rep. Rosa DeLauro accused House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of misreading her caucus on these votes. (Those are fighting words telling a leader that she is misreading her rank-and-file.)”

“And now consider Howard Dean’s old Democracy for America outfit, which is threatening to primary any House Democrats who vote for the trade package.”