Strickland: My Dream Job Was Being A Lobbyist For A Far-Left Special Interest Group

Ohio Democrat Ted Strickland, in a video reported on by the Daily Caller, told a crowd in Piketon, Ohio that his dream job was being a lobbyist for the Center for American Progress.

“I want to tell you, I had a job last year that was a dream job, paid me more money than I’ve ever made in my life,” Strickland told the crowd.

This bizarre admission likely won’t surprise Ohio voters. During his disastrous tenure as governor, Ohio suffered 370,000 job losses, its unemployment rate rose 3.7 percent and he racked up an $8 billion state deficit.

So, clearly governing was not his dream job because he was terrible at it.

And when you’re asking voters to elect you to another job, is saying you’ve already worked your “dream job” really the best strategy to rally support.