Spencer Zwick Joins America Rising

Today, America Rising PAC announced that Spencer Zwick will become chairman of the two-year-old organization.  The Super PAC is dedicated to setting the record straight about Democrat candidates and officeholders through earned media, opposition research, video tracking, rapid response and communications.

Zwick will continue in his capacity as a Managing Partner at Solamere Capital, a firm he co-founded, and will be contributing to America Rising as a volunteer.

In 2008 and 2012, Zwick led the finance operation for Governor Mitt Romney’s presidential campaigns, and was responsible for raising nearly a billion dollars.

For the next 17 months, America Rising PAC will be deeply involved in truth-squading Hillary Clinton and Democrat candidates for the Senate and House.  It will be neutral in the Republican Presidential primary. The Super PAC, which does not engage in broadcast independent expenditures, publicizes research and services purchased from America Rising LLC.

America Rising LLC is a two-year-old opposition research organization founded by Matt Rhoades, who serves as its chairman, and Joe Pounder, who serves as president.   Colin Reed will continue as America Rising PAC’s executive director.

“A strong America Rising is absolutely vital to defeating Hillary Clinton in November 2016, and I am very excited to be joining its already talented team,” said Zwick. “Republicans are blessed to have an incredibly talented pool of presidential contenders, and while our side is going through the primary process, I am going to work hard to ensure that America Rising PAC has the resources to hold Secretary Clinton accountable.”

The move marks a reunion for Zwick and Rhoades who both played key roles in Mitt Romney’s two Presidential campaigns.

“Spencer and I know first-hand the challenges of running against a sitting incumbent president,” said Rhoades.

“Since Secretary Clinton has no serious primary, America Rising PAC’s mission is to challenge her every day from all directions, and make sure that the Republican nominee enters the general election against a weakened Clinton,” said Reed. “Spencer’s addition takes America Rising to the next level.”

America Rising PAC played a key role in the 2014 Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate and double-digit gains in the House of Representatives. The Washington Post recently described America Rising as the “leading Republican group going after Clinton.”