Russ Feingold’s PAC Scandal Comes Under Heavy Fire

It’s been another rough Monday for Russ Feingold. Last week we learned that Feingold was using his political action committee to pay himself and his staffers, while donating less than 5 percent of the PAC’s money to other candidates for office. The media’s onslaught in reaction to the scandal has been swift and powerful.

The Arizona Republic’s Doug MacEachern had an op-ed today saying that the scandal reeks of “brazen hypocrisy,” and “delicious irony,” and he even equated Feingold’s actions to the Clintons!

Daniel Bice of The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who broke the original story about Feingold’s shady PAC, said that the issue, “creates the image that he’s a hypocrite,” and also talked about how he’s surprised about the lack of response from the Feingold campaign.

Over the weekend, WTMJ’s “Sunday Insight,” panel discussed the scandal and two panelists declared Feingold the loser of the week.