One Year Later: Clinton’s Hard Choices Still Not Made

A year ago today, Hillary Clinton released her memoir Hard Choices. The day of the book’s release, Time declared: “Hillary Clinton avoids hard choices in Hard Choices.” Despite claiming in October 2014 that “it should be disqualifying” for a candidate to not answer questions, here are the hard choices Clinton still refuses to make:

  • Clinton has walked back her past support for the Trans Pacific Partnership and is now “watching closely”
  • Clinton gave only cautious support to the Iran deal while flip-flopping on Iranian nuclear enrichment
  • Clinton has continued to avoid taking a position on the Keystone XL pipeline while her foundation continue to accept money from its biggest supporter
  • Clinton has decided not to talk about her foreign policy record
  • Clinton has been criticized for not taking a position on breaking up the Wall Street banks
  • Clinton still has yet to take a position on the medical device tax
  • Clinton has avoided taking questions from the press