NH1: America Rising slams Hassan over budget veto threat

“A top pro-Republican super PAC is criticizing Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan over her threat to veto a budget shaped by GOP state lawmakers who control both chambers of the legislature.

In a rapid response research email obtained by NH1 News, America Rising said it’s holding Hassan accountable for her veto threat, which could eventually lead to a state government shutdown, by pointing out previous comments she made that were critical of the 2013 federal government shutdown that was blamed on Republicans in Congress.

“Governor Hassan’s unwillingness to compromise with the Legislature has pushed New Hampshire to the brink of a government shutdown, a measure she has previously called ‘unconscionable,’ ‘reckless,’ and ‘unnecessary.’ It’s time for her to put aside her own political posturing and instead focus on leading the state she was elected to govern with sound fiscal principles that will make New Hampshire a place to do business again,” said America Rising Executive Director Colin Reed, in a statement Thursday.”

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