Hillary Clinton’s Missing Emails Are Just Par For The Course According To MSNBC

Despite repeated claims that she had handed over all work-related emails, the State Department announced last week it was missing 15 emails, a discovery made after longtime Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal handed over emails to the Select Committee on Benghazi – emails, Clinton also claimed, were unsolicited. Clinton even tried to hide here relationship with Blumenthal by asking longtime aide Huma Abedin to print the emails without any identifiers.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe panel found these new revelations about Hillary Clinton’s missing emails to be laughable and just another example of the Clintons playing by there own rules.

Host Joe Scarborough said, “They are just amazing. You go back catty to a U.N. press conference and that story has been shredded like Swiss cheese. It doesn’t matter. Lawrence, does it? Does it? Look at that. You have dealt with the Clinton a long time. I get that frustrated look in your eyes, the rules that apply to every politician do not apply to this politician.”

Lawrence O’Donnell added, “It goes back to the original issue which is the proper custodial preservation of state department e-mails in all of the rules and protocols on that were violated. There is no question about it. It was very clearly in violation, so then after the violation is made, when she’s a candidate for president, Hillary Clinton says, I have now turned over all state department e-mails, all of them and the only stuff I didn’t turn over after my lawyers went through the server and checked it all was personal stuff involving weddings and material. What we’ve now discovered is that statement as she said it is not true.”