Did Hillary Clinton Endorse Fight For $15 For Donor Money?

Earlier this month, Hillary Clinton endorsed the Fight for $15 movement but, strangely, did not endorse a $15 minimum wage, leaving many puzzled by her actions. Now, it turns out that the major backer of the Fight for $15 Movement is supported by the Democracy Alliance, a network of major liberal donors. As POLITICO reports this morning from documents they obtained, the SEIU is now listed as a Democracy Alliance (DA) Partner.

POLITICO reports:

The list of DA partners now includes six prominent unions, with four (the American Federation of Teachers, the Communications Workers of America, the Service Employees International Union and the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union) joining in the last two years, according to a list and other club documents obtained by POLITICO.

Hillary Clinton has been doing what it takes to win this dark money group’s support – even sending her top officials to their recent meeting in San Francisco. When she endorsed the Fight for $15 but not the $15 minimum wage, was it just another cynical play for campaign cash and the support of union executives?