FACTCHECK: Hypocritical Claims Made By Hillary Clinton During Her Kickoff Rally

Hypocrisy #1: Economic Inequality

After touting President Clinton and President Obama’s stewardship of the economy, Clinton claimed Republican policies would exacerbate inequality. However, data from the Saez-Picketty Income database shows that economic inequality increased more under Bill Clinton than any other President in the post-World War Two era. Even Vice President Biden has recognized this fact! In May 2014, Biden told Democrats at a closed event that “the fraying of middle-class economic security did not begin during President George W. Bush’s terms, but earlier in the ‘later years of the Clinton administration.’”

Hypocrisy #2: Attack On Republicans Over U.S. Debt Bought By Foreign Countries

During her kickoff rally, Clinton criticized Republicans for borrowing money from other countries in order to pay our debts. However, in 2009 as Secretary of State, Clinton encouraged China to buy U.S. debt so the Obama administration could pay for its stimulus package. Furthermore, while Clinton served as Secretary of State, Chinese holdings of U.S. debt rose by over 60 percent – increasing from $744.2 billion to $1.2142 TRILLION, according to the Department of Treasury.

Hypocrisy #3: CEO Pay

Once again, Clinton decried CEO pay while at a public event (a topic she reportedly avoids at private fundraisers). However, over the last eighteen months, the Clintons made more than $30 million from paid speeches and book advances, placing them among the highest paid CEOs in the country for 2014.

Hypocrisy #4: Incarceration Rates

During her remarks, Clinton said “unequal rates of incarceration is a family issue.” However, as First Lady and a U.S. Senator, Clinton championed policies that contributed to a sharp increase in incarceration rates. Specifically, Clinton advocated for “three strikes and you’re out policies,” and lobbied for her husband’s 1994 crime bill, which put more cops on the street and imposed tougher sentencing guidelines. Recently, even Bill Clinton admitted his penal policy “overshot the mark” by putting “too many people in prison for too long.”

Hypocrisy #5: Russia

Clinton saved the best for last – during her kickoff rally Clinton laughably said she “stood up to adversaries like Putin.” In fact, the opposite happened. As Secretary of State, Clinton “reset” relations with Russia, and triumphantly claimed this policy would “help strengthen Russia.”