Does Cortez Masto support Harry Reid’s shutdown plan?

It’s been over two months since Catherine Cortez Masto announced her candidacy for the Senate, and since then she’s stayed pretty quiet. Her website doesn’t have an issues or news page, and a quick Google search confirms that she hasn’t done or said much.

Perhaps it’s time for Cortez Masto to change that by answering the following very simple question which would say a lot about what kind of Senator she would be: Does she agrees with Harry Reid’s strategy to  “obstruct all of the Republicans’ spending bills” and cause a government shutdown this fall?

We’ll take silence as a yes.

“Catherine Cortez Masto has done her best Hillary Clinton impression and said virtually nothing since announcing her candidacy for Senate. Now that her backer Harry Reid is threatening a government shutdown, there’s no time better than now for Cortez Masto to speak up and let everyone know whether she is just another Reid puppet.”– American Crossroads Communications Director Ian Prior