Does Clinton Back Cuomo’s Executive Minimum Wage Decree?

Today in New York, Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Fast Food Wage Board” will be meeting to discuss raising the minimum wage for fast food workers, beginning the process for Cuomo to declare a minimum wage increase by executive action while bypassing the State Assembly. This is all to appease the so-called “Fight For $15” movement being pushed by the SEIU and major liberal donors at the secretive Democracy Alliance.

Hillary Clinton recently supported the “Fight For $15” effort, saying she supports the movement. However, in her continuing effort at incertitude, Clinton oddly did not endorse a $15 minimum wage.

Oddly enough, while Clinton is hesitant to make clear her stance on the $15 wage, the Clinton Foundation has no qualms in taking money from some of the very companies the “Fight For $15” movement has protested:

So another day, another issue that raises Hillary Clinton’s hypocritical policy issue stances. New York is set to meet on the issue at the same time, Hillary Clinton tries to take a firm stance that doesn’t expose her hypocrisy.