Clinton Fundraising At $8.75 Million NYC Apartment

This evening, Hillary Clinton will continue her nationwide fundraising tour by visiting the SoHo loft of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and Sean Eldridge, who recently said he won’t be running for Congress again after losing his 2014 congressional race by 30 percentage points.

Hughes and Eldridge recently put their 4,100 square foot, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom apartment on the market for $8.75 million. It is unclear whether the listing price, which covers the apartment’s library, “dressing area,” and wine cellar, will also include the many high-priced decorations, including the $2,500 binoculars.

What is clear is that while Clinton continues to claim she is on the side of “everyday Americans,” she is spending an awful lot of time with mega-donors like Eldridge and Hughes, who abhorred the campaign trail because he “didn’t personally like going to the house parties and the rubber-chicken dinners that he was subjected to.”