Clinton Allies To Julian Castro: Back Off

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro is putting on the full court press to be considered a “short list” contender for Hillary Clinton’s VP pick.

But Castro is running into some choppy waters, as anonymous Clinton aides are telling the press “If I were Julian Castro I’d be worried,” about overplaying his hand.

Then, the Clinton strategist made it clear that Sarah Palin had more experience when she was selected as a VP nominee than Castro does:

Some Democrats told POLITICO that Castro would be a better candidate four years down the road, and that Clinton might face serious trouble if she put him on the ticket.

“Yes, he’s a rising star, and people even talk about him being the first Latino president,” said the Democratic strategist allied with Clinton. “But now is just not the time, in this day and age when people are looking for real presidential experience. [President Barack] Obama was on the receiving end of charges of not being prepared.”

“John McCain chose Sarah Palin and was bashed for that,” she added. “She has more experience than [Castro] does.”

And the anonymous Clinton strategist is right—Palin did have more experience than Castro. Regardless, that’s probably not the kind of reception Castro was hoping for from Clinton-land.