AP: Political opposition groups want to tear down 2016 hopefuls

“It was the perfect loop: The Republican opposition research group America Rising finds footage of Democratic Senate candidate Bruce Braley in agriculture-loving Iowa, seeming to put down the intelligence of farmers. That footage becomes part of a 30-second TV ad, by the super PAC American Crossroads, boosting the Republican candidate, Joni Ernst.

Ernst wins. So does America Rising, which used that episode in Iowa last year to show prospective clients and donors what it can do.

Big political opposition operations, which didn’t even exist five years ago, will be important players in the 2016 presidential election. They started early, with America Rising tracking Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton since early 2013, and its liberal counterpart, American Bridge 21st Century, keeping tabs on more than a dozen GOP contenders for four years now.”

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