10 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Is Resetting Her Campaign

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is off to a terrible start. Her official launch was in April, but now it’s happening again this Saturday? Here are 10 reasons why she’s resetting her campaign – and one handy reset button we brought her campaign to help!


1) Nobody knows why she’s running for president.

MSNBC explained that Hillary Clinton lacks a rationale for running.

2) She hasn’t decided her stance on major issues, and is hypocritical on others.

That includes trade, Keystone XL Pipeline, and minimum wage. It’s not about principle – in her first week on the campaign trail, she flip-flopped on 3 major issues.

And while Hillary Clinton keeps saying she wants to “get unaccountable money out of it once and for all,” her senior campaign staff are raising money for her campaign with millionaires, and her campaign is coordinating with outside groups. She is also planning a $2.5 billion campaign. Guess that’s $2.5 billion of “accountable” money?

3) Hillary Clinton has been showing herself to be really out-of-touch.

Americans learned the Clintons made $30 million in 14 months, largely from speaking fees to groups including public universities – where tuition is already too high for students. Also, Clinton decided to run for President at millionaire fashion designer’s beachfront “compound.”

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4) And Bill has been providing plenty of facepalms too.

When asked about his exorbitant 6-figure speaking fees, he replied “I gotta pay our bills.” OH OK.

Plus Americans are uncomfortable with his secret shell company WJC LLC.

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5) Her email problems aren’t going away…

Emails between Hillary Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal about Benghazi and Libya shed new light about Clinton’s role in handling that attack. Because of these and other newly released emails, Hillary Clinton will be testifying on Benghazi again.

6) Nor is the Clinton Foundation foreign donor scandal.

Americans’ concern over the Clinton Foundation scandal are not going away. It doesn’t help that the Clinton Foundation has yet to disclose many donors. Or that firms that donated to the Foundation also lobbied Clinton’s State Department.

And don’t forget about the Russian Uranium deal
clinton hillary russia uranium FACEBOOK

Or the fact that the Clinton Foundation took money from countries with known major human rights abuses that anyone with Google could have known.

7) Americans increasingly think Clinton is NOT trustworthy and honest.

Clinton’s favorability hit a 14-year low. MSNBC called Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers “crushingly bad” and “terrible.”

8) Clinton’s failures as Secretary of State are still a big deal.

It’s hard for Clinton to focus on her tenure as Secretary of State – largely because that tenure was plagued with failures, including those in Libya.

The State Department is STILL slow walking FOIA requests. And Iowa Democrats can’t even name an accomplishment by the former Secretary.

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9) Her relationship with the media has not improved, despite promises.

Reporters aren’t happy with the access that team Clinton given to reporters so far. Things have gotten so bad, her team had to address their unease this week.

10) Even her allies aren’t supporting her!

Steve Rattner (Clinton fundraiser): Calls her poll numbers “terrible.”

Bill de Blasio (former Hillary Clinton campaign manager): Refuses to endorse her for president.

Maggie Hassan: Won’t endorse Clinton.

Dannel Malloy: Had a REALLY hard time defending Clinton’s record.