The Clintons’ Bills

When Bill Clinton was asked if he would continue giving paid speeches of $500,000 each, Clinton showed he learned nothing from his wife’s “dead broke” comment, saying, “I gotta pay our bills.”

Here are the bills he’s talking about.

The Clintons’ Bills:

$25,000 a box for the world’s most expensive cigar (that Bill Clinton loves)

$70,000,000+ in private jets  (NOTE: Even Prince William flies commercial)

14 $550 watches

His $4,000 watch

The mortgages for houses [mansions] the Clintons “ piece together the resources for…” See:


Fortunately, the Clintons don’t need to worry about paying for crudité, teleprompters, new University seals, presidential suites, most private jets, and lots more. Those are expensed to the host in addition to the Clintons’ 6-figure speaking fees!

bill clinton thumbs up