The Clinton Dictionary

The Clintons use words in ways that almost nobody else does. To make it easier, we’ve defined many of her strangely-used words below, so you know what they actually mean.

glowing book

almost no

[awl-mohst noh]


definition: $400,000

“‘Over the last 15 years, I’ve taken almost no capital gains and I’ve given 10% away.’
The tax returns from 2000-2006, however, which are publicly available online, show during that period the Clintons made nearly $400,000 in capital gains.” – Buzzfeed

campaign finance reform

[kam-peyn fi-nans ree-fawrm]


definition: commonly stated ideal for money in politics. Usually stated as a goal, then followed by contradictory action.

At the very same time Hillary Clinton was decrying “unaccountable money” in Iowa, Clinton’s campaign chairman was raising “unaccountable money.”





1. means by which one can fund political activity without worrying about federal contribution limits;

2. means by which foreign governments and corporations can contribute to one’s political cause covertly.

See also: “Slush fund

dead broke

[ded brohk]


definition: owning two multi-million dollar mansions and making roughly four times the salary of an everyday American.

“…we came out of the White House not only dead broke but in debt…”

everyday Americans

[ev-ree-dey uhmer-i-kuh ns]


definition: highly-vetted Democratic activists.

Reference: Hillary Clinton’s Quiet NH Visit Didn’t Go As Planned





1. when a first attempt has failed, pretending one did not already make that attempt, and trying again.

Reference: Hillary Clinton’s campaign reset

2. attempting to mend a relationship by making it infinitely worse.

Reference: Hillary Clinton’s Russia Reset


[trans-pairuh n-see]


definition: word used ironically to describe a standard of accountability and openness that one never actually intends to actualize.

Reference: 1992 to 2015.