Political Pariah Charlie Crist To Attend Clinton Fundraiser

charlie crist hillary clinton

Two-time statewide loser Charlie Crist, who hasn’t won a race since 2006 despite running nearly every chance he’s had, will attend a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton today at the home of well-known jerk John Morgan.

Last year, Clinton campaigned for Crist, who in 1998 called for her husband Bill Clinton to resign amid his scandal du jour that year, and a lot of good that did Crist. Crist lost in his 2014 effort to win back the seat he gave up in 2010 to run and lose a seat in the Senate (sensing a pattern here?)

The fact that Crist and Clinton get along so well should surprise no one. They’re cut from the same cloth: both are blindly ambitious and willing to say or do anything to win an election. Unfortunately for them, they’re not very good at the “winning” part.