NJ Ron Fournier: I Don’t Believe Hillary Clinton

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier appeared on Special Report this evening, reiterating claims about Hillary Clinton’s believability that he had made in a column published earlier in the day.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

BAIER: Well, I mean I was struck, Ron, by this line. Why don’t you demand it, will you demand it? She says, they are not mine. They belong to the State Department. Wait a second. They were hers. 55,000 pages were turned over to the State Department. The ones that we don’t know about were erased.

FOURNIER: Now, I literally spit my coffee on my laptop when she said that. It’s just — it’s inconceivable. It’s laughable. She treated them like they were her own e-mails. She kept them in her basement in a server that violated a White House policy and then only handed over the ones to her State Department that she wanted us to see. She cherry picked them. She’s got copies. She could have brought them to the news conference. So that was totally unbelievable. It was totally unbelievable when she says there’s no conflict of interest between her doing speeches for folks doing business with government. Well, of course that’s a conflict of interest. She also said that she wants the e-mails out. Well, I can’t believe that because, again, if she wanted the e-mails out, she would have given them to us at the news conference. It’s this whole trust and credibility issue that is really — it’s becoming a handle on her campaign.